Chinese Drywall

Milstein Jackson Fairchild & Wade currently represents hundreds of homeowners throughout the United States who have contaminated “Chinese” drywall installed in their homes. While the investigation is still evolving, there are several factors which may indicate the presence of contaminated “Chinese” drywall imported from China:

  • “Rotten Egg” or Sulfur smell in their homes
  • Corrosion of Heating, Ventilation & Cooling (HVAC) coils and related components
  • Corrosion of Electrical wires and/or plumbing pipes
  • Corrosion of Metal items inside the homes (Light fixtures, metal frames, etc.)
  • Shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, eye irritations, coughing and respiratory difficulties

It has been determined that the drywall was manufactured using waste products from coal plants and that it contains iron disulfide. The drywall emits harmful gasses including Hydrogen sulfide, Carbonyl sulfide, Sulfur dioxide and Carbon disulfide, which are harmful to the buildings and its occupants.

Here are some photographs of some of the suspected damage to buildings